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Educational and activity holidays in Bulgaria for all generations.

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Family & Friends
The ideal venue
for your wedding.
weddings at Geshaview, bulgaria
At Geshaview you are
spoilt for choice.
Learn more...
Renewal of Vows
A variety of
Renewal of vows at Geshaview, bulgaria renew your
wedding vows.
Learn more...
The perfect place...Wedding anniversary at Geshaview, bulgaria celebrate your wedding anniversary.
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Birthday parties
Variety of choice
to hold a party...
Birthday parties at Geshaview, bulgaria
...for children
of all ages.
Learn more...
Whatever the
time of year...
Celebrations at Geshaview, bulgaria
..Geshaview is for
all seasons.
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Family reunions
Whatever the family event or reunions in Bulgaria
...Geshaview can cater for that special occasion.
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Any excuse...
and anytime...
Parties at Geshaview, bulgaria Geshaview you are
free to enjoy yourself.
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365 days a year...
all generations...
meetings at Geshaview, bulgaria
...Geshaview is for
the whole family.
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Extended family
or group activity.
conferences in Bulgaria
Geshaview has space
for any size of group.
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On your own and
wanting tranquility...
seminars in Bulgaria
...peace and quiet
is all around.
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Learning in a
safe environment...
Education at Geshaview in Bulgaria
...keep the young ones
occupied and educated
all holiday.
Learn more...
Children or the
activities at Geshaview Bulgaria
The surrounding area has
activities for all ages.
Learn more...
Culture & traditions
Steeped in history
and tradition...
culture of Bulgaria
Geshaview is located at
the centre of Bulgaria's cultural heart.
Learn more...
Natural forests and
flora and fauna.
nature in Bulgaria
A diversity of wildlife
surrounds Geshaview.
Learn more...
Painting and
art studies.

Learning to paint in Bulgaria
Self expression through
the medium of art.
Learn more...
Bulgarian and
Western Music.

Learn to play music in Bulgaria
Study the music of
two cultures.
Learn more...
Study Bulgarian and
Western stage craft.

learn how to act in Bulgaria
Learn the art of acting.
Learn more...
Wildlife or still life
photography courses.

learn photography at Geshaview
Pursue your hobby in new surroundings.
Learn more...
Lifestyle learning is for self improvement.
Learn to cook in Bulgaria
Learn to cook, speak Bulgarian and more...
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Where is
Location map
    Geshaview holiday village in Bulgaria
    Family holidays in Bulgaria for all 3 generations to experience and enjoy...

    The Geshaview village in Bulgaria offers an overseas holiday location for any kind of family holiday abroad for children, parents and grandparents.

    Whether it is an activity holiday for you or the kids, a learning holiday to learn a new skill, or you would like to discover more about the wildlife of Bulgaria on a nature holiday or its cultural heritage. Perhaps just a relaxing break in an overseas rural retreat for couples or family holidays with the grandparents - Geshaview in Bulgaria has the holiday for you.

    The trend for all ages to holiday together is embraced at Geshaview with activity holidays for children, adventure holidays for the whole family or a spiritual retreat where you can just allow your mind, your body and your spirit to fully integrate into the peace that just exists at Geshaview.

    Use the links above to explore the possibilities of taking your family holiday abroad in Bulgaria.
  • Family holidays at Geshaview in Bulgaria
    Family holidays abroad at Geshaview in Bulgaria...

    The Geshaview village is the perfect location for a holiday abroad for the whole family.
    Crèche - from ages 1 to 12. Indoor and outdoor activity spaces, theatre for movement and sound.
    Kids Klub - fun and frolics, back to nature learning the simple things in life that matter.
    Forest and Rural Adventure Park - climbing, exploring, forest trekking, survival in the outdoors.
    Forgotten living - learn how to live a rural life, the food, the communication, the daily jobs and fun.
    Education - learn a instrument, how to paint, have a go at cooking, photography, work on the farm, shepherding - it’s endless!

    Family holidays abroad don’t get any better than at Geshaview in Bulgaria!

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  • Group holiday in Bulgaria
    Geshaview is ideal for a group holiday abroad.
    Group holidays at Geshaview are ideal for those who share a common interest. Family group holidays abroad allow children to entertain themselves while their parents relax and enjoy the company. Group holidays provide a lifetime of memories for children and company for older holidaymakers.

    Geshaview in Bulgaria offers flexible space for any size of group. Whether you require dedicated space for your own private event and group or wish to join in one of the many programmes that are run here at Geshaview throughout the year. This together with our flexible accommodation settings makes us the ideal venue to suit your requirements.

  • Geshaview... where family and friends can enjoy a group holiday abroad.

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  • Singles holidays Geshaview Bulgaria
    Single or just want to be alone...
    Singles holidays are for those who, for whatever reason, choose to travel solo and holiday abroad alone.

    Whether single, widowed, divorced or simply wanting a solo holiday overseas - perhaps you would like the opportunity to meet other, likeminded people to share the holiday experience with, to make friends or to just enjoy a truly memorable stay in peaceful and quiet surroundings.

    Because of the flexible accommodation we can offer here at Geshaview you can be assured of the right holiday to suit your individual needs.

    Help and guidance is always available to help you plan each day of your stay with us if you so wish.

  • A special place for the single holidaymaker.

    Tell me more about singles holidays...
  • Choice of holidays in Bulgaria
    The choice of holiday is yours to make...

    Educational - learn a instrument, how to paint, have a go at cooking, photography, work on the farm, shepherding - it’s endless! Learn more...

    Active - climbing, exploring, forest trekking and survival outdoors and much, much more! Learn more...

    Culture and traditions - participate in Bulgarian cultural celebrations, understand the past traditions and history.
    Bulgarians love festivals, whether it’s traditional fire-dancing, family weddings or religious occasions at local churches and regional monasteries. Many special events involve making bread, wearing traditional costumes and drinking copious amounts of palatable, local wine.
    Learn more...

    Nature – study the unique flora and fauna of the undisturbed countryside of Bulgaria.
    Bulgaria is uniquely situated at the crossroads between different geographic, climatic and geological regions and this contributes to the biological wealth of the country with its unique environment. Learn more...

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  • location of Geshaview in Bulgaria

    The best kept secret in the heart of Bulgaria’s cultural centre.
    The Geshaview village is in central, rural Bulgaria, at Dryanovo which is between Veliko Tarnovo and Gabrovo.

    Veliko Tarnovo is an equal distance between Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria and Varna on the Black Sea coast.

    The cultural centre of Bulgaria is a triangle created by Sevlievo to the West of Veliko Tarnovo (the ancient capital of Bulgaria) and Gabrovo to the South.

    Dryanovo is located between Veliko Tarnovo and Gabrovo.

  • Take me to the visiting Geshaview page...
Property for sale at Geshaview - mortgages available CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
apartments 2 bed townhouses Geshaview Townhouses 2 or 3 bed mews cottage Bulgaria 3 bed house cottage homes
from €100,000
2 bed townhouses
from €140,000
3 bed townhouses
from €182,000
Mews cottages
from €166,000
3 bed farmhouses
from €261,000
Cottage homes
from €128,000
Geshaview, the rural retreat village in Bulgaria, has properties for sale that have been built to the highest standards possible to create a unique rural village in Bulgaria.
Property for sale ranges from apartments in the Courtyard, 2 or 3 bedroom townhouses,
2 or 3 bedroom semi-detached cottages and 3 bedroom detached farmhouses or 4 bedroom detached farmhouses.
For details on each of the properties click on the images above, or here for information on mortgages
Watch the latest videos from Geshaview on ‘GVTV’...

You can watch a mini-version of each video on the page, or you can click on the link below each video and watch a larger version on YouTube. The complete collection of Geshaview videos can be seen on the Geshaview YouTube channel.
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Coach, hire car or train.

• We can also collect you in one of our vehicles.
See our Transfer Options Guide for a
breakdown of travel options and costs.

Special Offers from Geshaview

Watch this space for Special Offers from the Geshaview rural retreat and holiday village in Bulgaria.
How to contact Geshaview...
You can contact us in the following ways:

Telephone: (Bulgarian office): 00359 6 767 20 01
Address:Bulgaria, 5376 Dryanovo, Geshaview
Skype: Skype
Or you can: Complete your details on our contact form
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Career opportunities at Geshaview
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What’s on
Conferences and future events at Geshaview.
Winter Wonderland
winter fun
Fun and games
in the snow.
Learn more...
To be confirmed...
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Events for February
are yet to be announced.
Learn more...
To be confirmed...
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Events for March
are yet to be announced.
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To be confirmed...
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Events for April
are yet to be announced.
Learn more...
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2nd International
Arts Festival
Learn more...
To be confirmed...
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Events for June
are yet to be announced.
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To be confirmed...
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Events for July
are yet to be announced.
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To be confirmed...
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Events for August
are yet to be announced.
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To be confirmed...
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Events for September
are yet to be announced.
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To be confirmed...
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Events for October
are yet to be announced.
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To be confirmed...
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Events for November
are yet to be announced.
Learn more...
To be confirmed...
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Events for December
are yet to be announced.
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Business & Commercial
Business suite or
meetings at Geshaview, bulgaria
...its central location
makes Geshaview ideal.
Learn more...
Product launch or
sales meeting...
seminars in Bulgaria
...Geshaview can provide
the perfect venue.
Learn more...
Annual convention or
company get-together.
conferences in Bulgaria
Mix business with
pleasure at Geshaview.
Learn more...
Product launches
Modern facilities,
traditional setting.
product launch in Bulgaria
Geshaview provides the perfect location.
Learn more...
Business to business
or special interest.
exhibitions at Geshaview
Large or small exhibition
Geshaview is ideal.
Learn more...
Cultural, musical
or traditional.
Bulgarian festivals
Geshaview is designed
for celebrations.
Learn more...
TV & film
Documentary or
drama production.
conferences in Bulgaria
The location and
facilities are ideal.
Learn more...
Intl. delegations
Bulgaria is the
gateway to the Orient.
international delegations to Bulgaria
Geshaview is pefectly placed for international meetings.
Learn more...
Food & Drink
7 eateries
Traditional and
international cuisine

traditional bulgarian food
Geshaview offers a
variety to suit all palates.
Learn more...
Self catering
Buy fresh food from
the Courtyard shops...

self catering in Bulgaria
...and cook in your
fully equiped kitchen.
Learn more...
Outdoor cooking with
charcoal or gas...

...use a BBQ fire-pit
or a sizzle table.
Learn more...
Organically grown,
locally sourced.

fresh fruit
Bulgaria's climate is
ideal for growing fruit.
Learn more...
Organically grown,
locally sourced.

fresh vegetables
Vegetables delivered
fresh every day.
Learn more...
Meat, dairy
and vegetables.

All our food
is ethically sourced.
Learn more...
Bulgaria is famous
for its wines and spirits.

Bulgarian wine
Locally produced wine, Rakia and brandy.
Learn more...
Natural spring water,
grey water catchment.

water supply in Geshaview
The village has a
sustainable water supply.
Learn more...
Recycling of waste
in Geshaview.

Recycling waste at Geshaview
Ethical disposal of
waste products.
Learn more...
Note: The restaurants are currently unavailable.